About Us

To regroup Congolese and people of Congolese immigrant origin (DRC) living in Manitoba;
To consolidate their fraternal relations, to cultivate solidarity and mutual assistance between them; mutual aid and mutual help;
Promote the development of its members through the organization of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities;
Facilitator of new immigrants of Congolese origin in Manitoba
Contribute to the integration of people of Congolese origin in Manitoba into Canadian society;
To defend the moral interests of its members;
Contribute to the development, strengthening and safeguarding of multiculturalism in Canada and Manitoba in particular;
Contribute to a better knowledge of Canada by people of Congolese origin and Congo by other Canadians.


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

 Our mission to facilitate the integration of people of Congolese descent in the Canada society while providing them and people of other nationalities with a platform for learning and appreciating the beauty of the Congolese culture in its splendor and diversity.


Our Vision

  The success of this mission requires that the organization be relevant in the lives of its members, that particular focus is reflected through its programs and activities.

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